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Welcome to gns3fy Docs!

gns3fy is a Python wrapper around GNS3 Server API.

Its main objective is to interact with the GNS3 server in a programatic way, so it can be integrated with the likes of Ansible, docker and scripts.

Use cases#

Here are some examples where gns3fy is used in a programmatic way:


pip install gns3fy

Development version#

Use poetry to install the package when cloning it.

Quick Start#

>>> import gns3fy

# Define the server object to establish the connection
>>> gns3_server = gns3fy.Gns3Connector("http://<server address>:3080")

# Define the lab you want to load and assign the server connector
>>> lab = gns3fy.Project(name="API_TEST", connector=gns3_server)

# Retrieve its information and display
>>> lab.get()
>>> print(lab)
"Project(project_id='4b21dfb3-675a-4efa-8613-2f7fb32e76fe', name='API_TEST', status='opened', ...)"

# Access the project attributes
>>> print(f"Name: {} -- Status: {lab.status} -- Is auto_closed?: {lab.auto_close}")
"Name: API_TEST -- Status: closed -- Is auto_closed?: False"

# Open the project
>>> lab.status

# Verify the stats
>>> lab.stats
{'drawings': 0, 'links': 4, 'nodes': 6, 'snapshots': 0}

# List the names and status of all the nodes in the project
>>> for node in lab.nodes:
...    print(f"Node: {} -- Node Type: {node.node_type} -- Status: {node.status}")

"Node: Ethernetswitch-1 -- Node Type: ethernet_switch -- Status: started"

Release Notes#

Please see the Release Notes for details